getting queasy at the Puyallup Fair

Today my Mom and I took Adam to the fair in Puyallup, which is quite a humongous deal around here. It’s one of the ten biggest fairs in the U.S. and lasts for an entire month. It costs $11 for adults to gain entry. Grandma was excited because she got the senior citizen discount. Adam’s admission was free of charge, but that was offset in the form of numerous rides.

The rides were a big, BIG hit with Adam. We started him off on the Tilt-a-Whirl. I was more than a little concerned it could be too much for him and I worried we were walking into a projectile barf-trap. He was fine, I think he liked being sandwiched between my Mom and I. And he caught on quickly to the time-honored practice of screaming like a ninny when you’re both terrified and having fun. I’m the one who had issues, it turns out. I broke into a cold sweat and got a queasy stomach. The same thing happened on the Scrambler (so much for my dreams of being a fighter pilot). I was scared of equipment failure on that ride. Once we got zooming back and forth, I decided the bolts surrounding us were not oiled and greased to my standards. In fact, I noticed an alarming amount of rust.

Adam enjoyed the livestock barn, where we met Pancake the Cow. I felt sorry for the goats. They looked the most bored of all the animals.

The fair was easy to navigate, it being a weekday. It was still relatively crowded, however. The rather large number of redneck parents (especially teenage moms with bad tattoos and t-shirts that said things like Silly Boy, Trucks are for Girls) being mean and ornery at their kids wore me down after awhile.

Adam’s last ride was the wavy, hundred foot tall The Giant Slide, which he went down sitting in Grandma’s lap, they rode a burlap sort of rug. My Mom was scared but Adam said it was his second favorite ride, after the train.

One thought on “getting queasy at the Puyallup Fair

  1. That sounds like great fun! I love old-fashioned country fairs. The county where I live has a great agricultural fair. In addition to the rides, funnel cake and racing pigs – they also have contests to pick the best canned green beans, the stockiest cow and the tastiest rhubarb pie. I think I like fairs like this so much because they feel ‘small town’.

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