rusty wheelhouse in Ballard (Fishermen’s Terminal)

I was by water a lot, today. This morning we took Adam for a bike ride all the way around Green Lake. The 2.8 mile path was a cinch for him, he’s getting a lot more comfortable on his bike. He had one bad fall, when he got going too fast and crested a hilly curve a tad on the reckless side. There was a little blood. But he made a fast recovery. Diana did all the jogging to keep up with him. I hung back and took my time walking. I’ve been tired all day because I had insomnia last night (too much on my mind) and got up at 3 AM to clean the house and never went back to bed. Tonight, I needed some exercise and so I walked four or five miles along Lake Washington. I think I’ll be sleeping like a baby in about ten minutes.

This is another picture I took while kayaking through the Lake Washington Ship Canal. The rusty, junky boats at Fishermen’s Terminal are part of a sad commentary- fishing is still an important industry in Seattle, but it’s a far paler reflection of what it once was.

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