15, 14, 13

Tonight the four of us (Adam, his mother, myself and Grandma) worked for several hours in the garden. Yard. Whatever you want to call our postage stamp-sized, hard, water-deprived ground. It was fun. My mom was particularly industrious, maybe too much so. She had crazy ideas involving espalier and verbena. I restrained her from chopping down branches of our laurel for her little harebrained scheme, hahaha!

Iver Foss

I took this picture on a paddle up the Lake Washington Ship Canal earlier this Spring with Adam and his mom. It’s the tugboat Iver Foss in Ballard. I was in a double kayak with Adam. His mom was paddling by herself. Boats are on my mind because the missus and I took the ferry Kaleetan from Bremerton to Seattle, this afternoon. We walked around and around and around the sundeck. It’s the first time in years I was on a Bremerton ferry that had a sundeck. Mind you, it was a rusty piece of crap. Bainbridge Island has the bling boats. Bremerton gets the junkers.

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