The Palisades

Last night I hiked to the summit of The Palisades (in Mt. Rainier National Park), a complex of mountain known for it’s columnar, pipe organ-like rock striations. The Palisades loom over the scenic Palisade Lakes trail. Boy, did I ever scratch the heck out of my legs taking a “shortcut” through a dense stand of silvery firs. It was like walking through a gauntlet of razor blades, the trees clawed at me like monsters.

If it’s any consolation, I was excited to find a summit register at the top of The Palisades. I don’t usually find them the places I go (they tend to be placed in more exotic, hard-to-reach locales). Surprisingly, only five people visited the summit in all of August. I was the first of September. I should have smeared blood next to my name, haha!

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