Hug Point to Humbug Point and Lion Rock to Jockey Cap and Silver Point to the Haystack to Cannon Beach

Tonight I walked 5.1 miles north to Cannon Beach proper from Hug Point via the beaches during a low tide. I’ve wanted to do this particular walk for a long time and the timing was good this afternoon. The three of us spent basically the entire day on the beach making a boat sculpture and breading ourselves in the sand (and dipping ourselves in the Alaska Current) and we came in for a very late lunch. And while resting in bed together (Adam got sand all over the comforter with his moppy hair, we were reminded he dove on the beach a lot) Diana and Adam said they would drop me off if I wanted to go walking.

It was a breathtakingly beautiful afternoon on the Oregon Coast. I got a much later start than I preferred and my body was so creaky from two-days-in-a-row of digging and trenching in the sand, but I felt exhilarated as I rounded Hug Point and saw miles of beach laying mistfully before me. Hug Point is where a piece of the U.S. Navy schooner Shark‘s (which in 1846 broke apart in the mighty Columbia River bar) cannon was found in 1898 and hence the origin for the name Cannon Beach. It’s hard to believe two more cannons were discovered here by beachcombers in 2008, so you really should keep your eyes open if you’re ever here for a low tide on a stormy day.

I thoroughly enjoyed having long stretches of beach to myself, which is quite a feat on the Oregon Coast in the month of August. I discovered an abandoned ramshackle graffiti-covered beach cottage between Lion Rock and Jockey Cap and stopped to take some pictures before I was unnerved by some obvious meth paraphernalia. The starfish at Jockey Cap were incredible and there were California Mussels bigger than my feet (and I have big feet). I hope to bring Adam and Diana here tomorrow morning if the tide is low enough, but I also would love to show Adam the old beach road at Hug Point, so what to do……

I was in some foot pain at the end. Wet, compacted sand is basically like cement, I think. I hobbled past Haystack Rock, while further up the beach some Oregonian juvenile delinquents set off fireworks perilously close to evening beachcombers, but since I wish I’d been more of a delinquent in my youth it didn’t really bother me. I was pleasantly surprised to find Adam still awake when I got back to our inn. I popped the cork on a red wine and tried to forget the piercing pain in my feet and shins.

One thought on “Hug Point to Humbug Point and Lion Rock to Jockey Cap and Silver Point to the Haystack to Cannon Beach

  1. I’m super jealous! I can’t tell you how much we missed the Oregon coast this year… I hope you share some shots from your trip soon. It sounds like you guys had a great time.

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