Eunice Lake

In this picture you see Tolmie Peak’s fire lookout way, way up there! It’s only a mile and 600 feet above the lake, so the lure of the 1933 structure is irresistible. That’s where we went first. We sat in the shade of the lookout and ate cheese and crackers and strawberries and fended off chipmunks. As I was saying, however, Eunice Lake was Adam’s favorite part of the day. Behind him is the little island he and I waded out to. Later in the summer, it probably becomes part of the shore as the lake level drops.

There’s still quite a bit of patchy snow around Eunice, so the water was chilly. But the lake was shallow and bearable here. After carrying Adam up and down from the lookout, it felt good to numb my feet.  Adam did remark several times “my penis is freezing, mama!”

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