more pictures from Marmot Pass and Buckhorn Mountain

I thought I’d post a few pictures from my hike to Marmot Pass and Buckhorn Mountain to make the pain of yesterday go away. I don’t feel quite as devastated as I did last night. And let me tell you, I was devastated. I felt like my appendix had burst. Mark my words, I will return sometime in the near future to hike up Mt. Baldy and I will do something very special to commemorate that trip! This picture below is of the namesake for this beloved hike, Marmot Pass. You can see the trail disappear in the snow as it trends right/west. I find it hard to believe a lot of people make Marmot Pass their final destination, but they do. By itself it’s a 10.6 mile journey, so it is a good distance to cover for one day.  But there’s no way I could hike all the way up here without visiting Buckhorn Mountain. I took this picture after hiking up the lower slopes of Buckhorn. Some people call it a scramble path, but trust me, it’s an easy walk. It’s just that the walk feels like torture because you’ve already done a full-blown hike and your thighs are starting to chafe. When I took this picture, I was guzzling water and gulping snack-sized Snickers bars. It’s not true, Snickers does not satisfy. Because I can eat and eat and eat them……

Here we have a view of Buckhorn up above, this is before getting up to Marmot Pass. All the white speckled stuff on the ground is phlox.

You’re traversing the mountainside and looking up at Buckhorn, and you think to yourself: That? I’m going to hike up THAT? Are you completely out of your mind, self? But don’t worry. There’s a less life-threatening approach on the west side of this mountain. And speaking of Buckhorn, was there ever a more satisfyingly macho name for a mountain?

This is a view looking ahead toward Marmot Pass in the distance. Well, technically it’s obscured by the trees to the upper right. About this time, you start to cheer up despite the buckets of sweat pouring off you. Gosh, you could even do the happy dance here if it weren’t for the danger of tripping and falling head over heels down the mountainside. You’d look really foolish if that happened.

There is some beautiful alpine scenery around Marmot Pass!

About this time, I was getting really close to the Pass. It was getting snowier and snowier, but nothing a third grader couldn’t handle. Of course, I can’t find a bulldozer track so I should probably just shut my trap.

This is what it looks like when you reach Marmot Pass itself and you gaze at the majesty to the east of you. You think to yourself gosh, a marmot would really like it here!

The glacier lily, a flower any moron can identify! And I count myself proudly in that category.

Indian paintbrush, lupine, kwazack’s bluntnose, suffering rose, flaccid daisy…….they’re all here!

Constance, the third highest summit in the Olympic Mountain range……

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