some more pictures from the short hike Adam and I took to Lake Dorothy yesterday

Lake Dorothy is someplace I’ve had on my mind the past couple years to take Adam to. It’s a pretty but popular area, with a reputation as a classic place in the central Cascades for families and beginner hikers. I thought Adam would have fun monkeying around at the lake, and it’d be quieter midweek (it was). It’s a nice, big (290 acres) mountain lake a little above 3,000 feet.

The trail up to the lake is easy, you gain 900 feet over a mile and a half.  I’ve gone quite a bit farther before, all the way to the other end of the lake and up the mountainside to Bear and Deer lakes. Yesterday was just a shortie. I was huffing-puffing with Adam on my back, I broke my oath to not carry him anymore. I feel a little self-conscious about it because Adam looks like he’s in kindergarten, he weighs 40 pounds. If I’m still carrying him in the piggyback three years from now, then we’ll have a serious problem. For now, at the first sign of back strain, I’ll stop. But it’s a nice luxury to get someplace in half the time. Or get a little farther or a little higher. And I wanted Adam to save his energy for the lake and the hike down. And he did great going down! His shins are speckled with quarter-sized bruises today, though, from various falls and scrapes over roots and rocks. It has been difficult for me, but I’m doing my best to let him take more chances on his own when the stakes are lower. Even when the stakes are lower, I still worry about him hitting his head in places like this.

The bridge over Camp Robber Creek is a nice place to stop for pictures. On the way down, Adam was a good boy for me and very patient while we waited for the sun to go behind the clouds. I alternated between a 6 and 10 stop neutral density filter, depending on the cloud cover. I love bridge pictures like this, I always take the time to stop and do at least one before continuing on. When I was done, I put the camera around Adam’s neck and let him push the shutter for a few takes. He’s more into stop action, haha!

It was very sunny when we returned to Camp Robber Creek on our way down, initially I had the sinking feeling my tripod would turn out to be nothing but a heavy walking stick. But we waited around on the bridge just long enough; some dark clouds fronting afternoon thunderstorms rolled in intermittently.

The Lake Dorothy trail is popular enough that it has been over-engineered in a lot of places, to prevent erosion from the masses. The pikes below look great in pictures, but they’re brutal on my knees both up and down. I’m 6’2″ and they often feel like they’ve been constructed too high. I feel really sorry for short people on trails like this! Thankfully, this was an easy section.

Adam was determined to hike all the way down, by himself.

The logjam was our hang-out spot.

Adam brought this long, boomerang-shaped piece of wood home.

It’s fun crawling around on the logs here. See the yellow stuff on the surface of the water? That’s tree pollen, I believe.

We saw lots of air bubbles rising to the surface. Adam kept faking me out, saying he saw fish. I could not confirm his sightings.

Here’s some major cheese for Aunt Amanda. Man, you may as well forget about asking Adam to look your way, because he’s already a jokester. These last few years I made it a point to never ask him to smile for a picture. To a lesser extent, to even look toward the camera. And what do I get in return? Hahaha!

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